Ocean Talk Friday (SUFB 188)

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Nathan and I talk about Whales vs Sonar; New Species of Beaked Whale; Vanishing Vaquita; Seagrass loss; and, Shark Fin ban by Shipping company Cosco

Nathan and I are prepping for the International Marine Conservation Congress being held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. We are super excited for this opportunity and were are looking forward to sharing all the wonderful things that we will learn at the conference. We will also introduce you to some people involved at the conference as well.


Today we discussed the following:

  • President Nieto’s (Mexico) presidential-level affirmation that Mexico will turn what was to be a two-year moratorium on deadly gill nets in vaquita habitat into a permanent ban. There are four major points to ensure that this actually is effective.
  • An international team of scientists who searched out specimens from museums and remote Arctic islands has identified a rare new species of beaked whale that ranges from northern Japan across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.

    Japanese whalers call the enigmatic black whales “karasu,” the Japanese word for raven. The new species is darker in color and about two-thirds the size of the more common Baird’s beaked whale, but so scarce that even whalers rarely see them.

  • Ninth Circuit Federal District Court ruled the National Marine Fisheries Service 2012 Final Rule regarding peace time use by the Navy of LFA sonar was inadequate to protect marine mammals.While beneficial to national defense, LFA sonar can harm many marine mammal species, particularly “low-frequency hearing specialists” such as baleen whales, but also sperm  whales and pinnipeds such as seals and walruses.
  • Seagrass meadows in the country (Indonesia) are turning into muddy wastelands as they are under widespread threat from human activities and are often overlooked in conservation, putting the fisheries industry in peril.Seagrass helps keep oceans clean, protects sandy beaches and increasingly helps to mitigate the impacts of climate change.


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