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Ocean Talk Friday is back and we discussed the expansion of a marine park, the economy of conservation, how seamounts are vulnerable, what do do with conservation and poverty

I am pleased to announce that Ocean Talk Friday is back after a 3 week hiatus. Nathan and I got back together to discuss the latest and important topics covered in the news. Today we discussed the following topics:

1) The Hawaii National Monument expansion;

2) The economy of marine conservation;

3) Seamounts are vulnerable and we need to do something about it;

4) What to do when poverty meets marine conservation; and,

5) A celebrity donated their yatch to a marine conservation organization.

Listen to the podcast to find out who the celebrity is.

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Today we discussed the following:

  • As reported by the BBC: “US President Barack Obama has expanded a national monument off Hawaii, creating the world’s largest marine reserve, the White House says. His announcement on Friday quadruples in size a monument originally created by President George W Bush in 2006. The Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument will now span 1.5m sq km (582,578 sq miles), more than twice the size of Texas.
  • Shiva Polefka reports on American Progress: “In his 2015 Earth Day speech at Everglades National Park, President Barack Obama hailed America’s national parks, proclaiming, “We are blessed with the most beautiful God-given landscape in the world.” He is not the only one who feels this way.”

  • Guest blogger Vienna Saccomanno tells us how and why Seamounts are vulnerable Marine Ecosystems. 


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