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Today’s stories feature how sharks adapt to eating; Lab studies vs Field Studies and the questions they answer; Restoring Oysters in NYC; Protecting the Oceans; and, Millennials our the future in saving the ocean?

Nathan and I are back again this week with a FULL episode of Ocean Talk Friday. Last week we only got to cover 2 stories due to a bad Skype connection (podcasting problems), but this week we were able to really bring it this week!

Today’s stories include:

1) How do Shark Teeth bite (talking about adaptation);

2) Do Ocean Acidification Laboratory Studies provide the same results as field studies (hint: no);

3) The Billion Oyster Program in New York City;

4) We are only starting to protect the Ocean;

5) Millennials are the future of our oceans?

As usual, Nathan and I dive into the articles to translate what it means to Marine Science and Conservation.

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Today we discussed the following:

  • As shared by Sebastian Nicholls: Our ocean is not just beautiful, but also essential for life. It provides half the oxygen we breathe, regulates climate, and feeds millions. The next generation’s future depends on it.


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