SUFB 264: Ocean Talk Friday

Today we cover the restoration of an island reef; identifying spotted rays through pattern recognition; dealing with fake news; and, paying tribute to the man known as the Ocean President.

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Edd Hind-Ozan joins us as a co-host on the podcast today to continue the tradition of Ocean Talk Friday, where 2 people discuss the week’s latest news and how it may have a positive of negative influence on Marine Science and Conservation.

Today we discuss the following Ocean News Topics:
1) How much work does it take to restore a reef from a ship going aground;
2) Scientists are using pattern recognition to identify individual spotted eagle rays;
3) How to deal with fake news associated with Ocean Acidification; and,
4) Paying tribute to President Obama who will forever be known as the Ocean President.


Enjoy the  podcast!

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Links Discussed in this episode:

  • NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration reports that “nearly 93 percent of Puerto Rico’s coral reefs are rated as threatened, with 84 percent at high risk and among the most threatened in the Caribbean. The Port Stewart incident in 2009 directly destroyed about 512 square meters (about 5,551 square feet) of the living coral reef.”
  • Ocean acidification is the terrifying threat whereby all that man-made CO2 we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere may react with the sea to form a sort of giant acid bath. A paper review suggests many studies are flawed, and the effect may not be negative even if it’s real. By James Delingpole
  • The Atlantic’s Tribute to Obama: When he [Obama] leaves the Oval Office this month, he will have safeguarded more of the ocean than any other president, and increased the amount of protected waters around the U.S. by four times.* His administration has also worked to improve American fisheries, clamp down on illegal fishing, and create national policies for protecting the oceans.

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