The Speak Up For Blue Institute is a Social Enterprise that pairs small non-profit, charitable organizations with people who are searching for experience to build their careers in Ocean Conservation

Why You Are Here

At some point in your life, you decided to help protect the Ocean. It doesn’t matter whether you got inspired when you were a child or a teenager, or even an adult. You’ve been hit with a deep desire to work within Marine Conservation to help at any level possible.

How do I know this? Because I had the same desire since I was a kid and I recently realized what I really wanted to do in Marine Conservation. It was a long path, but a valuable one. A path where I learned many lessons, some harder than others, but nonetheless I learned them and they led me to realize what I really wanted to do (I will reveal this down below).

On my journey down my path, I’ve made many connections and worked in various sectors (non-profit, academic, private consulting, government and entrepreneurial) within the Marine Science and Conservation field. It brought me to create Speak Up For Blue and this page. And this page will provide you with the help you will require to build your career in Marine Science and Conservation.

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Myths in Marine Science and Conservation Careers

  • You need to be a Scientist with a College Degree to be in the Marine Conservation Field
  • Did you know that Jacques Cousteau was an explorer and not a scientist? He did more for Ocean Conservation than anyone in history. He brought the wonders of the Ocean to families in their living room. My point is, you really don’t need to be a scientist to do marine conservation. You need to have passion and a skill set that could include, but not limited to, communications, marketing, business, law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, policy, construction, etc. We don’t need anymore scientists, we need people with the skill sets I just mentioned above.

  • There are no jobs available in the field
  • There are jobs available. You just need to figure out where to find them or create them yourself. Today’s workforce can be built by people who create their own jobs.

  • All jobs are based in the field
  • As a conservationist, there is nothing better than working by or on the Ocean; however, Marine Conservation is not always not in the field. There are plenty of ways of protecting the Ocean from land, an office, or even from your house.

    Providing The Help You Need

    There is always a learning curve when you dive in to a new career, which can delay, or even squash, your efforts in attaining your goal – a career in Marine Science and Ocean Conservation. I can help you begin that journey and accelerate your learning curve to get you started in your new career. My 15+ years as a marine ecologist and conservationist; the experience I gained; and, the network that I’ve built will help you get started in building your career in this rewarding career. I will work with you and introduce you to organizations and people within your field of choice and provide you with a chance to build experience. I will provide you with an understanding of how the field works and where you can best fit in.

    Let Me Give You A Hand
    This Is Where You Begin

    VIP Career Program

    Program Description:

    The VIP Career Program is a highly interactive 1-on-1 mentoring program that will take the members through a step by step plan to break into the Marine Science and Conservation Field. I will meet regularly with members to go over their goals and expectations for their desired careers and help them through the process of attaining those goals and that career. I will use everything within my power to provide you with the best tool set and direction to get you started on your new career and passion. I will meet with individual members every two weeks on a coaching call to discuss their plans and the next course of action. I will introduce members to my contacts within the field and provide opportunities to gain working experience in a setting that will benefit their career. Members will have email access to me 24/7 and my response time will be within a couple of hours for each member. where I will spend to most 1 on 1 time with each person to go over their goals and to set them on the right path.

    Optimal Members:

    The program is designed for people who are serious about starting a career in Marine Science and Conservation; have a passion for the ocean and it’s conservation; and, are prepared to work hard and complete the tasks given to them to achieve their dreams.

    Program Member Limit:

    4 members for evey 6 months

    Program Length:

    6 months

    Experience Program

    Program Description:

    The purpose of this program is to give members an opportunity to gain real work experience in Marine Science and/or Conservation. The only thing virtual about this program is that you do the work (from anywhere!). Members of this group will be assigned job tasks over the year (Program interval may vary; however, it should be noted that the 1 year program is optimal) that they are with the program from different institutions. The tasks will include grant writing, data analysis, report writing, science communication, outreach, GIS, etc. I will check in with each member once a week to ensure they are on task and to answer any questions they may have. There will be 1 group mastermind per month to answer any questions. After the program interval is over, the members will have work experience from various organizations and using different skill sets. They might also be eligible for a reference letter from the project managers from each organization for who they were working depending on their work.

    Optimal Members:

    The program is designed for people who have graduated with an undergraduate or graduate degree(s) and looking for additional experience to help them get the jobs they want. The program strives to provide recent graduates with the opportunity to build their experience on their resume in job tasks that will help them in their field of choice.

    Program Member Limit:

    10 members per interval

    Program Length:

    Program intervals are available in 3, 6 and 12 month intervals (12 months is the best option as many jobs ask for 1 year + experience)

    Group Program

    Program Description:

    This program is designed to provide information and support on general career building in Marine Science and Conservation. The program will give access to the Ocean Conservation Careers course and to a FB group where I will provide advice and support (along with other group members) to each member. I will conduct 2 live coaching calls per month to answer specific questions.

    Optimal Members:

    The program is designed to help recent graduates of undergraduate and graduate programs who feel lost in the Marine Science and Conservation Career building process and would like some further guidance on the basic strategies for launching their career.

    Program Member Limit:


    Program Length:

    Unlimited (For Their Career)