Surfing for Social and Ocean Change with Dr. Easkey Britton

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Easkey Britton facilitates the building of surfing communities to bring about social and environmental change

I had the chance to sit down with Dr. Easkey Britton during the International Marine Conservation Congress at the beginning of August for a 1 one 1 interview to discuss all the cool things that she is doing around the world.

Easkey describes how a surfing trip to Iran (yes, Iran!) changed the lives of many young Iranians by introducing them to surfing and bringing them together as a community. Surfing was introduced to the community in 2010 and Easkey has gone back for a purposeful visit ever since. The community now surfs and takes care of their connected Ocean.

Surfing also brought Easkey to Papua New Guinea to help build a surfing community and bring together local people. This community is growing stronger everyday by tackling a major issue in the Island Nation of domestic violence. The community painted the tip of their surf boards to show solidarity within their own community as well as show the abusers that their tyranny will not be tolerated.

Easkey is a person who is dedicated to facilitating social and environmental change through surfing and building close ties to communities.

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