Why Surfers Want to Protect the Ocean

By May 25, 2011 Interviews
Surfers Protect their Favorite Surfing Spots

Surfing is a sport that is highly dependent on the Ocean…makes sense. So why was I so surprised to read an article on the Surfrider Foundation’s blog about Surfing Protected Areas…I will tell you why.

Surfers don’t make marine protected areas, policy makers and scientists do, right? WRONG!

Surfers need clean Ocean waters so they remain safe from infections and so forth. The Surfrider foundation decided to come up with protected areas to ensure the long lasting enjoyment of iconic surfing areas

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There are two lessons to take from this interview:
1) Protected Areas can be proposed by anyone, not just scientists and policy makers – Ocean users such as surfers, SCUBA Divers, rowers, beach goers, photgraphers, boaters, and anyone of wnats to use the Ocean should be encouraged to protect the things they love; and,
2)Even if the protected areas proposed are not protected, it doesn’t mean people will not respect them – Protect areas are implement all around the world even though some are not recognized by law makers. The Local Community recognizes the protected area and that is what counts. It may not be perfect, but it it works.

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  • Mark says:

    Great interview, Andrew! I’ve long hoped for good ocean podcasts and interviews on the web. Thanks for finally doing it!

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