Surfing: Reducing Its Impact on the Oceans

By April 8, 2012 Ocean News

The title seems to be quite the oxymoron isn’t it? I always think about surfers as environmentally friendly as they spend most of their time in the Ocean catching waves and connect with the Ocean environment. In addition, the popular and effective grassroots organization, Surfrider, dedicates their time and effort to ensure they protect the Ocean environment for surfers and the species that inhabit the Ocean. So why did I say that surfing is having an impact on the Oceans…well before you decide to kill me for saying this, take a look at the following infographic created by an Eco-friendly surfing company, Envirosurfer:

Surfing Infographic by Envirosurfer

Created by Envirosurfer. View wetsuits here and clothing here.

This infographic brings to light a couple of points:
1) The Regular Surfboard is bad for the Environment – This revelation is surprising. The crucial element of surfing, a relatively eco-friendly sport (which is growing like crazy), is bad for the environment. I applaud Envirosurfer for bring this issue to the forefront and DOING something about it!; and,
2) Learn more about our Ocean-friendly activities – As Ocean Leaders, we must take it upon ourselves to learn more about our Ocean-friendly activities and make sure that any aspect of it does not affect the Ocean. And if it does, then we should try and figure out how we can fix the problem so that we can continue doing our Ocean Friendly activities.

Question of the Day:
Are there any Ocean-Friendly activities that you like, which may have a component that harms the Ocean?

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