Sylvia Earle is Treehugger’s Person of the Year!

By December 29, 2010 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

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Well, I must say that I am not surprised that Dr. Sylvia Earle is getting another award. This time she is receiving Treehugger‘s Person of the Year Award! Sylvia works extremely hard to bring Ocean Issues to the general public. She has been involved in the Oceans since she was a child and oceanographer studying plankton and turned to advocacy when she saw that Ocean water chemistry, habitats, and species were changing and disappearing at a rapid rate.

I congratulate Dr. Sylvia Earle for catching the attention of so many people and building awareness of Ocean issues. you inspire all of us to spread your message and become Ocean Stewards!

Here is a piece of the Treehugger article:
When TreeHugger compiled a short list of contenders for the title of “Person of the Year” in 2010, we knew it would be difficult to choose a single winner. Everyone on the shortlist, we agreed, deserved some recognition.

In the end, however, it became clear that if a Person of the Year was going to be named, he or she would be honored not only for a history of contributions to environmentalism but also for significant and specific accomplishments in 2010. This person, whose strong legacy was punctuated by recent notable achievements, is none other than “Her Deepness,” Sylvia Earle.

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Earle’s accomplishments range from diving records— she led the first team of female aquanauts, set a human depth record of 1250 feet in a JIM suit, and holds the women’s record of 3,280 feet for a solo dive in a deep submersible—to ocean engineering innovations, scientific discoveries to administrative leadership.

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