Sylvia Earle on the Future of the Oceans

By February 14, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Dr. Sylvia Earle talks about major issues that are affecting the Oceans and in particular the southern US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters. She mentions major factors such as climate change related effects like sea level rise, increase in sea temperatures, ocean acidification, and mass coral bleaching. Dr. Earle talks about of this can directly affect all of us in a personal and financial way. Some of us who live on the coast will lose their land to sea level rise, tourism will drop in areas where people come to see the gorgeous coral reefs, and some will lose (and already have lost) their houses and personal belongings in huge storms, which devastate the residential and commercial properties.

Dr. Earle remains positive as we increase our understanding of the Oceans and communication. We can view the Ocean across the world through Google Earth and view monitoring data from satellites. Now she says we need to increase the contact individuals have with the Ocean. Dr. Earle proposes that we concentrate our exploration efforts to get people into submersible vehicles to dive down to 500 to 1000 metres into the deep ocean. It sounds fantastic! Sign me up!

Check out Dr. Earle’s talk on the Ocean and her suggestions on how we can get people to get more contact in the Ocean.

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