SUFB 064: Sylvia Earle Takes on Paris

Speak Up For Blue Podcast

The COP21 climate change talks in Paris are underway. Government leaders, heads of industry, and environmental advocates from over 180 countries have gathered to discuss ways to reduce global carbon emissions. And while it’s good to see this much international attention being given to climate change, it’s still quite frustrating that oceans were left off the agenda. As the largest carbon sink on the planet, the fate of earth’s climate is linked to the fate of our oceans. Having a climate change conference without discussing the oceans is like getting your car inspected but telling the mechanic to ignore anything under the hood.

Luckily, Dr. Sylvia Earle has made it her mission to ensure the oceans have a voice over the next few weeks in Paris. She, along with Dr. Jane Goodall, will be discussing climate change’s impacts on both terrestrial and marine habitats with members of the United Nations. Dr. Earle is a world-renowned marine biologist who as focused much of her life on communicating the beauty within and threats facing our oceans. Hopefully, her presence at COP21 will broaden the focus from simply cutting carbon emissions to combating climate change on land and at sea. For more information on Sylvia Earle and her work, check out Mission Blue’s website here.

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