Ted Danson Speaks on Protecting Oceans

By August 23, 2011 Ocean News

Ted Danson co-founded Oceana because he saw a need to protect the Oceans after wondering why Oceans were closed down for swimming due to water pollution. His questions led him down a path, which introduced him to scientists, policy makers, politicians, and other advocates (celebrity and non-celebrity). The product of the meetings created a wonderful non-profit organization called OCEANA

A few years ago, Ted sat down with George Stroumboulopoulos to talk about his life as a protector of the Oceans and his TV career.

I highly recommend this entertaining interview with Ted Danson. As per usual, let me know what you think of Oceana’s approach in their programs and actions.

One particular point really stood out about the interview. Ted talked about how important it will be to reduce the number of fishing vessels on the Ocean and reduce/eliminate the subsidies given to fishing fleets to pay for gas and ship repairs to search for longer periods of time and distances in search for fish. He made the point that it was Oceana’s intention not to take away fishing from the smaller fishing communities/towns, but the larger operations. I thought it was a very practical and realistic thought that does not get made more often. When scientists and conservationists (most of them) talk about reducing fishing, they are speaking about the massive fleets with hundreds if not thousands of boats out on the Ocean catching everything that moves. The smaller artisenal fishing does not damage the fish stocks (within reason).

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