TED Talks: How Twitter Connects People to the Oceans!

By December 29, 2010 September 17th, 2011 Ocean Solutions

I found this interesting talk by the founder of Twitter on TED. He talks about how Twitter can connect people to other people through a message. Twitter can also help distribute a message out to a number of people during real time events, such as the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

The major point of twitter is to distribute a message from an individual to their followers (likely, people who have something in common with the follow-ee). The followers can re-distribute (retweet) the message to their followers, to which the same process is repeated. Messages are broadcasted everyday regarding technology, fashion, entertainment, and sports. Ocean related topics are also broadcasted across Twitter.

There are a number of users that use Twitter to broadcast their messages on Ocean news, updates, interesting facts, and policy everyday. They drive traffic back to their blog (some of you that are reading this article found out about it through my broadcast). It is a powerful tool that current Ocean Leaders use and future Ocean Leaders can use to build Ocean Awareness to people across the world.

So don’t be shy, sign up for Twitter today, spend some time to devise a strategy on the message you would like to broadcast, and tweet away!

Check out the TED Talk video posted by Southern Fried Scientist on the Southern Fried Science blog:

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