Terry Lilley – Marine Biologist, Surfer, Diver, and…OCEAN LEADER!

By December 24, 2010 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News


Terry Lilley is a Marine Biologist, a surfer, a diver and now a Speak Up for the Blue Ocean Leader! I found his site through his twitter account @Underwater2web. Terry has a blog designed to educate kids in Hawai’i and around the world about the wonderful underwater life in this region of the world and the issues facing it.

I read through the first couple of articles and they are great. Some articles are about surfing and the surfing culture and others are about diving. My favorite articles are about the ocean related issues facing the Hawai’i underwater life and the coastal communities (humans!). Terry’s articles provide text, high quality images, and high quality videos of his important undersea issues.

I would like to thank Terry for dedicating his life to showing the rest of the world the underwater life in Hawai’i!

Here is a taste of an article on sea level rise.

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