The Cost of Production

By February 23, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

Amy (aka Bluegrass Blue Crab) posted an article recently on the cost of production. A great article that made me think of how our favorite products are produced, priced, and disposed. Let’s focus on the processe shall we. Items are made whether it be coal produces fuel, ethanol, mining materials, steel and so forth. The price is kept as low as possible so that the prices attract consumers; however, the lost price may cost consumers more than we initially expected such as the environment and health.

Byproducts of our materials including metals, carbon dioxide, nutrients are released into the environment via air, water, or waste downloaded downwind and/or downstream to populated areas. The byproducts contribute to pollution in water and air; elements that consumers and other animals end up using. Direct effects such as nasty smells, contaminated water quality, contaminated water quality affect and cause sickness and disease in humans and the environment. This process drives up the cost of health care whether it be private or public and restoration of the environment. In the environment’s case, restoration is often incomplete or absent due to the high cost of cleaning and restoring the environment to pre-pollution times.

Let me know if this makes sense to you. We pay for cheaper products to have more and pay for it with our health. Are the material products worth it? I’m not so sure. Of course, I am guilty as the next person as I am a gadget person. I don’t have a clue how to find out how the products I purchase are harmful to the environment while they are being produced. The fact remains that we as consumers need to be more aware of the products we by and the true price they cost.

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