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By February 9, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Many of you have watched in horror the movie “The Cove“. I suggest you watch the movie if you haven’t seen yet. The movie reveals a horrible practice in Taiji, Japan whereby “fishermen” chase, trap, and kill dolphins in a small cove hidden from public view. The movie shows the lengths fishermen will go to ensure the public does not see the brutal killings. The only things the movie cameras catch are a few pilot whales who escape, but were severely wounded and clearly suffering until they drowned. We also see blood stained water coming from the cove after a kill. The actual methods of killing remained a mystery…until now.

The Sun have acquired newly discovered video and photos that reveal the mystery of the Cove. According the Japanese fishermen, the act of killing was painless as they drove a spike into the dolphins’ spinal cord killing them instantly; however, a video in the article shows the fisherman piercing the skin of dolphins and quickly plugging the wond to stop the sea turning red. A very different story then what was told. I’m sure this is not the first time or the first place to do this type of thing. However, knowing the truth about what goes on in the Cove in Taiji may make people feel more compassion for the dolphins the meet their demise.

My question is: What can be done about this tragedy? What can we do to stop this tragedy from happening again? SPEAK UP!

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  • Debbie Fong says:

    It seems to me that Sea Shepherd is the only group actually on the ground of Taiji trying to expose the cruel killing of dolphins. What about international groups like Greenpeace, WWF, IFAW, PETA, HSI, … and local animal protection groups in Taiji (if any)? If all these groups would collectively mobilize their membership bases (even electronically), Erwin and all the dolphins would probably stand a better chance of surviving this ordeal. Could it be done?

  • Andrew says:

    Debbie, I’m not sure of the other organizations working in the region other than The Cove Movie Team (I’m not sure if they are affiliated with the Sea Sheppard Society). I do know that Greenpeace is now taking a different approach, a less aggressive approach, to the whale hunt in the South Pacific by lobbying the Japanese government and education Japanese citizens. They caught a lot of flack from their members as well as Sea Sheppard members, but I agree with their approach. The conservation movement is a multi-headed beast where each conservation organization plays a role, whether in the media or behind the scenes.

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