The Deep Sea According to Danielle Meitiv

By February 4, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

The Deep Sea is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Light does not penetrate beyond 1000 m (3,000 ft) so many of the shallow water species that we know and love are absent (many corals, seagrasses and other habitat forming species). So what type of animals are found in the Deep Sea? Danielle Meitiv explores some of the more well known creatures of the Deep Sea that are either gigantic or tiny. She writes about the scarcity of food and species in the vast Deep Sea, causing differences in behaviours for feeding and mating. For example, the angler fish (you might have seen one in the movie Nemo uses a bioluminescent appendage to simulate small prey. Once a fish or small predator comes close, the angler fish pounces. This behaviour allows the angler fish to attract prey without exerting energy to go out and find prey in a deep blue abyss with prey that is spread out over hundreds of kilometres.

Someone once asked me a question about why we need to what what lies in the Deep Blue Sea. They didn’t understand the importance of the species. I told them that the species help complete the circle of life in the Ocean. As species die near the surface, they sink to the bottom of the Ocean providing food for many species. Danielle talks about whale carcasses sinking and providing a temporary habitat for a great diverse array of species, which feed on the mammals until all is gone. It’s all part of the food web. The Ocean is self sustaining as it breaks down food in the form of larger species into energy for other species. The Deep Blue Sea also plays an important role in driving currents up to the surface in a process called upwelling. Upwellings bring cold nutrient rich waters from the Deep Ocean to the Ocean’s surface attracting various species of invertebrates, fish, mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds; a great diversity of species.

So the Deep Oceans play an important role in the Oceans. I like watching the unusually looking species that live in the Deep Ocean. Below is a clip I found on YouTube showing you some of the life in the Deep Blue Sea. Enjoy!

Tell me, what is your favourite Deep Blue Sea Creature?

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