The Great White Encounter

By May 9, 2011 Ocean News

Photo Credit: philstr

We are trained to be petrified of sharks, but not just any shark…The GREAT WHITE SHARK. It started with the release of the “Jaws” franchise and continues today with programs, marketing, and branding of sharks as predator machines whose primary purpose is to eat humans. The fear has gone so far to the point where millions of sharks are being killed for a dish called “Shark Fin Soup” without many people worrying about them. Perhaps the thought process is the less sharks in the Ocean, the more humans can enjoy it without getting eaten. It’s false, of course. Many people are out trying to save sharks from various issues such as “Shark Fin Soup” and bycatch from various fishing techniques. There are also explorers who show you up front and personal shots of sharks interacting with humans. The question is: Is there a line to the level of interaction between great white sharks and humans? Check out the following video and tell me whether you believe this is a smart thing to do, ethical, or proper?

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