The Human Relationship with Nature Podcast with Daniel Fox

By March 28, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

What is our relationship with Nature? How do we view the planet we live on? And the animals that inhabit it? What is the impact of media on our perception of Nature? For the past several thousand years, Nature has slowly disappeared from our mythology, has been criticized by our religions and by our governments. Today, with a near absence of ecology classes in high-schools and decreasing interest in science, it is no wonder that our world has trouble understanding the place of humans in nature and the relationship they should have with it. Despite the numbers on the decline of fish stocks in the oceans, the growing scarcity of clean water, the global destruction of forests and the threat of climate change, we seem unable to grasp the consequences and what it means. In these podcasts, I will explain how our society has come to be so disconnected from Nature, and Life, and why it is so difficult for us to change and apply what should be, in theory, necessary and simple solutions.

Download and listen to the podcast here.

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