The Quest To Film the Birth of Kohola (Whale) in Hawaii with Chris Cilfone

By January 17, 2018 January 18th, 2018 Speak Up For Blue Podcast
Kohola Humpback Whale


Filming The Birth of Kohola Could Top Off A Great Conservation Success Of The Humpback Whale

Chris Cilfone and his team are on the quest to accomplish the impossible, filming the birth of a Humpback Whale in the Ocean. Filming an event like this has never been done before so the Kohola (Meaning Whale) team has a huge challenge in front of them. However, National Geographic believe in the them as they provided a small grant to set them on their way and NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association) has granted the team a permit to approach the whales to get the right shot. 

Now they are looking to you to help them get on the water and stay there so they can capture this epic event. They are crowdfunding for the rest of the campaign to pay for a boat, gas, and other equipment to get them on the water as long as possible. 

Check out their Go Fund Me Page to be a part of the film!!!

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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