The Struggle To Building A Career In Marine Science And Conservation

Marine Conservation Career


I read a great article on the Mongabay website that inspired me to discuss it on today’s instalment of Ocean Talk Friday. The article was about how hard it is for young people to build a career in Conservation. It dives into many of the issues that I see everyday while I consult with people about building their careers: 1) High student debt with low paying jobs; 2) Only unpaid internships available; 3) Often times, people have to pay to earn experience; and, much more. 

The fact is, building a career in Conservation is one of the hardest things to do in your life. It’s not as easy as getting a 4 year degree, graduating and getting hand picked for a job. The reality is that there is more competition for less jobs because of reduced funding (don’t forget the fact that every once and a while a government administration will come along and halt any hiring).

I felt it necessary to do this podcast because there are ways to help you achieve your dream (it’s not a guarantee, but it gets you closer). I tell you the story of my struggle to build my career and how I got to where I am today so that you can learn from my mistakes and understand that there is a process to follow that will help your chances of getting a job and building that career.

Enjoy the podcast!!!

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