The Wandering Biologist with Dr. Nathan Robinson

The Wandering Biologist Dr. Nathan Robinson


I had the pleasure to catch up with my friend and colleague, Dr. Nathan Robinson, who is a Sea Turtle Biologist, a Marine Scientist, and a Science Communicator. 
Nathan is known for being the scientist that pulled a straw out of an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle’s nose and 4 months later pulled a plastic fork out of another Olive Ridley Sea Turtle’s nose about 70 km from the other site. Those videos could arguably be considered as the catalyst to the “Ban Plastic Straw” campaigns that are happening all around the world. 
Today, Nathan tells us how those videos changed his career path to more of a science communicator path and started the You Tube Channel called “The Wandering Biologist.” Check out the podcast then go to his channel and subscribe for some incredible videos of Ocean and other animals.
Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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