The War Against Plastic in the Ocean

By December 8, 2010 October 28th, 2011 Ocean News
Plastic in the Pacific Ocean
Plastic in the Pacific Ocean


In the past year, I became aware of the enormous amounts of plastic floating in the ocean. Wallace J Nichols, the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and 5 Gyres do a pretty good job at getting the word out about the negative effect plastic has on our oceans and the species that inhabit them. Whales, dolphins, sea turtles and seabirds are known to ingest plastic pieces such as lighters, bottle caps, plastic bags and pieces of plastic bottles that float in the ocean as they mistake them for food. did you know sea turtle eat jelly fish, which resemble plastic bags when floating in the Ocean.  Imagine eating a garbage bag and getting it stuck in your throat…that can’t be good for you.  In fact, many sea turtles choke and die after trying to ingest plastic bags.

The article, with the link below, shows an awareness campaign in the form of artistic representations. I must admit that it is not a traditional way of making people aware, but it could prove to be effective. Honestly, if art just makes one person aware of the plastic pollution then it is effective.

Here is a teaser:

The stuff of war is the stuff of art. Some of the earliest cave drawings depict tribal strife. Since before history, the material and materiel of war has served as a vast palette for artists to explore and explain the times in which they live.

Eighteen-year-old Lovetta Conto designs jewelry — some is made of fine metal, but others are shaped from bullet casings pulled from the soil of her native Liberia, a nation rent by civil war. Lovetta crafts beauty from bullets, finding meaning in the things that have ripped her homeland apart. No daisies, no meadows, no fairy tales for Lovetta. She’s a child who escaped civil war, suffering and violence to look upon the world with the eyes of an artist…

Enjoy the rest of the article…

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