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By January 21, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Alexandra Cousteau says that we are all environmentalists and we should use it to spread awareness. Ocean Leaders need to change and tell their family, friends, colleagues, and their social network of the manner in which we can live sustainably to help save the Oceans. Alexandra touches on some very good points during her speech. One point that stands out in my mind is her challenge for Leaders, in our case Ocean Leaders, to Change our Focus, Change our Audience, and Change our Conversation. What she means is that Ocean Leaders need to change from professing the consequences from our actions (negative message) to professing the solutions to how we can combat the Ocean issues (positive message). We can’t always tell people that they are doing something wrong; people will turn away. We must come together as a society and spread awareness of simple solutions with which people can follow. The solutions should fit within the daily routine of their lives. For instance, instead of saying use wind power or invest in wind power, Ocean Leaders should be promoting products that are eco-friendly and affordable. We can’t all afford to invest in Wind Power or Solar Power.

We need to change our audience. I’ve attended many scientific conferences in my career that involve Ocean Science. The final conclusions of each conference are to reach the general public and teach them awareness. There is really no point in trying to convince marine scientists that the Oceans are changing. We know this already. We know how to solve it. It’s the general public that doesn’t know the solutions or the problems the Oceans are facing.

We need to change our conversation. This touches upon our need to broadcast solutions that people can incorporated into their lives and mesh with their daily routines i.e. price of products, easy to understand the benefits, and easily accessible.

Another important point that Alexandra makes is to call Leaders, again in our case it would be Ocean Leaders to fight for the protection of water, not just the Oceans or Freshwater and not just coral reefs. We need to protect it all by the way we manage our waste, daily routines, and policies on water.

The most important point that Alexandra makes is that not many people know about the Oceans. Even marine scientists only know about 1% of the Ocean and its species. We see documentaries and programs on TV and perhaps we take the information we get for advantage or we believe that the Oceans, lakes, rivers, and glaciers are in good health because most of the programs seek out “healthy” marine areas. Or perhaps we have become desensitized to water pollution in the Oceans. Either way, there is a disconnect among the general public regarding the health of the Oceans. There are debates about whether climate change is occurring or who is responsible. These debates only cause separation of groups and resources. Alexandra calls for a united front on a broader based topic such as global water protection to get everyone on the same side so that we can save the Oceans together

Please watch the video here for a wonderful speech by Alexandra Cousteau on how we can protect the water. I encourage you to post comments about the video and welcome your suggestions on how we might conserve our water.

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