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By January 26, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

We are used news about celebrities being gossip on how much they drank at a club or the latest scandal in Hollywood, but there is another type of celebrity news that I would like to cover for today – Celebrity Ocean Leader News. Many celebrities join charities to help promote the charity’s message in which the celebrity and the charity both believe. There are a handful of celebrities working with organizations to protect Ocean species and resources. As I find out which celerities are involved with Ocean Conservation, I will promote them on Speak Up for the Blue because they are using their popularity to broadcast a message to their audience. I tend to like celebrities when I see this type of behaviour. I usually go out and watch their work if I don’t know of them just because they are doing something in which I am interested i.e. Ocean conservation.

Photo Credit: Tim Calver

Today’s first celebrity is Angela Kinsey who plays Angela Martin on NBC’s The Office. Angela recently joined the conservation organization Oceana to help spread their message. She joined Rachael Harris, known for her role in Hangover, Showtime, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, on a Sea Turtle Expedition in Mexican Riviera last May where they swam with Sea Turtles and visited a Sea Turtle hospital. Angela felt she really connected with the Sea Turtles (similar feeling to our post on connecting with the Ocean through SCUBA diving) while snorkeling as she watched them eating seagrass and going about their day. She hopes her daughter can do the same thing one day; however, she is worried her daughter won’t be able to do so as all Sea Turtles are close to extinction due to bycath, poaching, and over-fishing. Angela mentions that someone needs to stand up for the Ocean! She is taking on that role. Hopeful her fans will hear her and the message will get passed on to their peers. Angela’s message is getting broadcasted through Oceana, a reputable conservation organization.

Angela is taking her mission to the next level by shooting a public service announcement (PSA) for Sea Turtles and working on Oceana’s Turtles of the Hook Campaign. Congratulations to Angela and Rachael for providing an entertaining and informative campaign on Sea Turtles! Keep Speaking Up for the Blue!

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