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Since there are only 3 more days left in 2015, I thought I would dedicate this episode to list the episodes you liked most in 2015. I list the top 5 episodes and I hope there are more in 2016. What was your favourite SUFB episode in 2015?

  1. What to Know about Water Pollution and How to Stop it With Dr. Judith S. Weis – On this first ever installment of the SUFB podcast, Andrew interviews Dr. Judith Weiss, a retired professor of biology at Rutgers University and author of Water Pollution: What Everyone Needs to Know. This interview really showcases Judith’s strong communication skills, as she is able to concretely break down the major causes of water pollution and what we as individuals can do to prevent it in an accessible fashion.
  1. SUFB 065: Ocean Talk Friday is All About COP21 – For those of you who aren’t familiar with our episode format, Fridays are usually Ocean Talk Fridays. Once a week Andrew and I get together to chat about three or four stories that are in the news and that impact our oceans. On this episode, however, Andrew and I devoted the entirety of our discussion to the COP 21 Climate Change talks in Paris. We covered the science of climate change, what the talks hoped to contribute to our continuing battle against climate change, whether the COP21 talks were even necessary, and some of the major criticisms against the conference.
  1. SUFB Shark Week 003: Shark Conservation Using Science and Movies with David McGuire – During this past year’s Shark Week, Andrew went HAM and interviewed three different shark researchers and conservationists in seven days. This specific gem is his interview with David McGuire, the director of Shark Stewards. David’s organization advocates for the protection and stewardship of our global shark population through campaigns against shark finning and other harmful practices. In the interview, David and Andrew discuss how the portrayal of sharks in movies and other forms of media as killing machines has really hurt their public image, and how organizations like Shark Stewards are spreading scientifically accurate information about the valuable role sharks play in our ocean ecosystems in order to combat this negative public image.
  1. SUFB 004: Talking Oceans and Fisheries Management With Alex Tilley – For this episode, Andrew was able to chat with the incredible Dr. Alex Tilley of Talking Oceans. Talking Oceans is an organization started by Alex and his wife Juliana Lopez Angarita focused on empowering local communities to sustainably manage and protect their local ocean habitats. Alex was kind enough to Skype in from Columbia, so you’ll have to power through some technical difficulties we experienced while recording the interview. However, it’s well worth it to see the type of work Talking Oceans is involved in and just how much a small group of passionate individuals can accomplish when they have the support of an entire community.
  1. SUFB 017: Can Celebs Help or Harm an Ocean Awareness Campaign – This episode is by far our most downloaded, and we owe it all to Miley Cyrus. In Episode 17, Andrew discusses a recent conservation campaign to protect the coastal forests of British Columbia led by Pacific Wild and how it collaborated with celebrities such as Carl Safina and Miley Cyrus to spread its message to many different types of people. While we probably won’t be announcing Miley Cyrus as SUFB’s new spokeswoman any time soon, it’s interesting the polarizing effect that celebrities such as herself can have on public opinion about any cause they’re attached to. Whether or not using celebrities for conservation campaigns is a good idea, it certainly seems to be a great way to get the word out.

Well, that’s it for our top five most downloaded episodes countdown. We hope to continue to provide quality content on ocean conservation over the next 365 days, all the while building on the following that we’ve gained since the first episode of the SUFB podcast ran last June. If you have any feedback or comments on what we’ve put together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Andrew or myself by going to the Contact Us tab at and sending us a message. You can also financially support our podcast by going to the Speak Up For Blue page on However, the best and easiest way to support this podcast is to just share it with a friend, colleague or coworker. Word of mouth is the best way to build a fan base, and we hope to grow our already incredible one in the coming year.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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