Top 5 Podcast Interview Episodes of 2016

Next week is 2017 and there are many questions about ocean conservation that will be answered in the New Year; however, before we get there, I want to talk about some of your (The Speak Up For Blue Community) favourite podcast interview episodes of 2016.

Here are the Top 5 Podcast Interview episodes of 2016:
1) Whale Sea Side Sanctuaries with Dr. Naomi Rose (Ep. 190)
2) Becoming an EcoWarrior with Pro surfer James Pribram (ep. 128)
3) Marine Protected Areas and the Donald Trump Era with John Davies (ep. 248)
4) Sharks and Climate Change with Dr. Chris Lowe (ep. 119)
5) Project Seagrass with Richard Lilley and Project Seagrass (ep. 208)

Enjoy the podcast!

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