Tracking Oil Spills and Illegal Fishing From The Sky With Paul Whitaker

By October 18, 2017 October 24th, 2017 Speak Up For Blue Podcast
remote sensing oil spills illegal fishing


Marine Conservation is great when we see things like water quality policies and Marine Protected Areas implemented into law by governments; however, enforcing those policies on the Ocean is a huge challenge. It takes a number of tools and experts to create a Management Plan that will deter and prevent future problems. 

Paul Whitaker, from KSAT, is our guest on the podcast today and he is leading projects that track oil spills and illegal fishing on the Ocean around the world, including Easter Island and Gabon. 

Paul gives us the breakdown of how Satellites can help us identify oil spills on the water and identify ships that are fishing illegally with other tools such as AIMS that enhances management and enforcement to further protect the Ocean.

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