Tuna Management Recommendations and Do You Use Eco-Friendly Products

By May 2, 2018 Ocean News
Tuna Management Improvements and Eco-Friendly Products For The Ocean


Today I discuss a couple of crucial topics that I found important to discuss with you. First off, I update you on how Atlantic and Pacific Tuna Commissions are not managing tropical tuna populations properly and I go over recommendations provided by the Pew Charitable Trust

Secondly, I talk about eco-friendly products that are out on the market that can be used as alternatives to current, toxic choices. I use sunscreen as an example as Hawai’i plans to ban non-reef safe sunscreen to protect corals and other marine life

It’s all about awareness at Speak Up For Blue. I want to make sure that you know the products available that will lessen our impact on the Ocean.

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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