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River carries pollutants to Lake Ontario

River carries pollutants to Lake Ontario

Here’s a simple question: Where does the water flowing in rivers go? Well many of them will flow downstream heading twoards large lakes and will evetnually end up in the Ocean. Many small rivers, located far inland will combine together to form larger ones as the water flows towards the coast.

Now think about this: as the water combines, so does the water pollution. The pollution accumulates more and more as rivers are added when they head downstream.

So pollutants are dumped from rivers into the coastal waters at their highest concentration within the river network (the watershed).

the video below a great piece on Toronto (largest city in Canada)rivers and their influence on Lake Ontario as well as the rest of the Great Lakes. In the video, Alexandra refers to Lake Ontario as an “Ocean of freshwater”, which I think is a great way to describe Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario is the last Great Lake before freshwater flows into the St. Lawrence River and out into the Ocean. Any pollution that flows into Lake Ontario will flow into the ocean.

Lake Ontario acts as a coast to the eastern part of much of Southern Ontario, one of Canada’s most populated regions. The people pf Toronto and Southern Ontario may not be completely aware of the devastating water quality that flows into Lake Ontario from its watersheds. Leaders must SPEAK UP FOR LAKE ONTARIO and other Great Lakes in order to make people aware of the problem.

Alexandra Cousteau’s video below is a good starting point to SPEAK UP and educate coastal communities on the potential effect they have on the coastal habitats and the simple steps they can take that will reduce their impacts.

Alexandra Cousteau’s Expedition Blue Planet: North America “Urban Watersheds: From Runoff to Renewal” from Alexandra Cousteau on Vimeo.


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