Voting For The Ocean for the Next 4 Years

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Voting for the OCEAN

How important are the upcoming US Elections for Marine Science and Conservation? Does your vote really count? Does it matter who is President or Senator in regards to policies for the Oceans? If you want the answer, maybe you should ask Dr. Chris Lowe who stated on a previous podcast that the combination of a number of laws and regulations allowed the increase in white shark populations and sea lion population (which are related) along the coast of California.

The current presidential race seems to focus more on attacks than on proposed plans and policies. There has never been a more divisive election than the current one due to the attacks on each candidate. There are so many attacks that it is easy to lose focus on why people vote in the first place: to determine who will take the country in the right direction.

The direction really depends on which way the majority of the voters want the country to go. It is not based on, which candidate can attack the other the best.

When you vote for your next president and senator representing your state/territory, you should focus on the candidate that proposes the policies you feel will take the country in the right direction.


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