Water Pollution

Water pollution can make Ocean species sick, destroy habitats, and more...Find out more about the problem below.

What Is The Problem

Chemical pollution occurs in the ocean when synthetic or natural chemicals accumulate to a point where ecosystem functions are degraded, marine life dies, and human health is affected.

Why Is This A Problem

A large part of the problem comes from sewage treatment plants discharging waste into the ocean. The sewage holds not only organic human waste but also everything we put down the drain at home and outside, including soaps, shampoos, cleaning products, gas, pesticides (from run-off), and more, all which contain toxic chemicals. Air pollutants also eventually make their way into the waterways by being rained-down into the ocean.

Who Is Responsible For This Problem

We are all responsible for this problem.

When Did We Realize This Was A Problem

This issue has been going on since the industrial revolution.

How Do We Solve This Problem

A major change in the products we use and how we dispose of them will have to take place internationally. Industry and agriculture factories will have to be held responsible and penalized for their pollution.