Toxic Algae Bloom In Florida Waters (SUFB 178)

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Bad Policies and Catering to Big Business has landed the Florida State Government in Green Water!

Water pollution along two rivers and parts of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts can to a head this past holiday weekend as toxic algae covered the areas giving off the stench similar to that of a “morgue,” as some local community members described.

We all know the Government of Florida is the not most eco-friendly. Governor Rick Scott has mandated his staff to not say the terms “climate change” and “global warming” and now, due to his bad policy for taking away nutrient limitation, he has helped the worst environmental disaster in Florida’s history!

Lake Okeechobee receives nutrients from inputs such as Agriculture, Sugar companies and residential developments. It used to overflow in the spring and the run off would flow into the everglades to feed the habitats and build them up. However, Big Sugar companies wanted to buy the land south of the lake where the water would flow before it reached the everglades. The water is now diverted to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean to avoid the water running into the sugar plantations.

The everglades do not have the chance to absorb the nutrients before they hit the coast; therefore, algae blooms form along the rivers and become toxic as they are broken down in the water.

The result means health problems for the local communities and loss to the local economy. Big Sugar still makes millions, which part of that money goes to fuel the campaigns for the Governor and Florida Senator Mark Rubio.

We cannot allow big business to run our States, our environment, our health and our economy. It’s time to SPEAK UP! and tell our government representatives who represent us to start working for us!


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