WaterLife: The World’s Greatest Drinking Water Resource

By April 22, 2011 September 16th, 2011 Ocean News

Author: Jessica Adanich

Ever wondered why the Great Lakes are so important? I recently came across a very well done site on the National Film Board of Canada’s (NFC) website under Interactive. The NFC has numerous amazing sites that range in content and style. The site, Waterlife, (http://waterlife.nfb.ca/) in particular peeked my interest because it’s an interactive site about the Great Lakes and how their existence is so important to us. It’s based of the film “Waterlife”, a co-production between the National Film Board of Canada and Primitive Entertainment Inc. Visually, it is stunning, inspirational and emotional. The main page introduces the site with the headline, “The story of the last great supply of fresh drinking water on earth.”  As someone who lives near one of the Great Lakes, I was extremely excited to stumble across a site that is stating what so many of us should be talking more about; how we need to pay more attention to the health of the Great Lakes.

Navigating through the site is an adventure, allowing you to explore different topics ranging from the power of the Great Lakes to the issues resulting from our actions. Each topic contains facts, testimonials and audio or visual clips. The site combines text, imagery and motion very well together, moving through screens like you are moving with the current of the Great Lakes. With the endless amount of knowledge with every click of the mouse, you could easily spend hours on this site. I highly recommend anyone, near or far from the Great Lakes, to take a glimpse. It will not only open your eyes to the importance of the them but also turn you into an activist for their health.


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