No The Cold Weather Does Not Mean Climate Change Doesn’t Exist

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Plastic Pollution and Climate Change are the subject of today’s Ocean Update episode here on the Speak Up For Blue Podcast. However, I first want to discuss an organization that I think deserves the support of our Speak Up For Blue Community.

Marine Science and Conservation Organization of the Week

Oceanswell is an organization that was founded and is operated by Dr. Asha de Vos. The organization:
works to change the trajectory for the world’s oceans by educating the next generation of diverse ocean heroes, equipping students from underrepresented nations to conduct marine conservation research, and engaging everybody in conversations about the magic of our world’s oceans.

The key to Oceanswell’s mission for me is the fact that they want to provide educational and operational resources to students in underrepresented countries. I discuss the challenges that many people in underrepresented countries face over and over in the podcast, so I want to support organizations that would like to help reduce those challenges. Oceanswell is that organization. I have had the privilege of getting to know Asha over the past couple of years and I observed what she has been able to accomplish with minimal resources and a ton of motivation and energy. I know that she will be able to help others because she has been there and her success is a true inspiration to the people Oceanswell is looking to support.

Please visit Oceanswell’s webpage for more information so that you can see first hand what they want to accomplish. Please feel free to contact the organization for more information (Click here to contact them through Twitter).

Cyclone Ockhi Dumps 80 Tonnes of Plastic Debris Along The Coast of India

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean is reported to be everywhere in various forms. It’s in the form of plastic water bottles, plastic lighters, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic bags and more! Some people aren’t aware of the severity of plastic pollution because the may not see it all of the time (even though it’s in the form of micro-plastics); however, it is present in all Oceans. Some times we need a reminder at how bad plastic pollution is. Sever storms tend to provide us with that reminder.

Cyclone Ockhi was the recent reminder as it dumped 80 tons of plastic debris along the coast of India. 80 tons!!! I can’t even picture how much plastic that is, but considering how light plastic is (that is why companies like to use plastic because they can ship more items for cheaper), it turns out to be thousands of items.

This reminder can be overwhelming and might turn people off from even thinking about it; however, it should be a reminder to do more things at home like use reusable materials (water bottles, grocery bags and other eco-friendly products). Small changes can really go a long way.

It’s Cold Outside, But That Doesn’t Mean Climate Change Isn’t Real!!!

As man places in North America are hit by freezing temperatures (-20C), some people are talking about how the low temperatures are proof that Climate Change isn’t real, including the President of the United States. However, that doesn’t mean they are right. In fact, they are quite wrong. The answer lies in the difference between Weather and Climate Change.

A recent Forbes article made a great analogy about the difference between Weather and Climate Change. The author said: Weather is like a person’s mood whereas Climate Change is like a person’s personality. Moods change day by day, week by week or month by month while personalities can take years, even decades, to change.

Weather changes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Climate Change, where temperatures have increased, is occurring over years, decades and centuries (slowly).

Next time someone tries to tell you that the weather dictates Climate Change, you tell them the difference.

For those of you who have friends that understand that Climate Change is a fact, but don’t know what they can do. Tell them about Doug Parson’s podcast: America Adapts: A Climate Change Podcast

Enjoy the Podcast!!!

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