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By February 3, 2011 September 17th, 2011 Ocean News

Speak Up for the Blue (SUFTB) is pleased to announce that Reef Relief has been named a SUFTB Ocean Leader! Reef Relief contacted us and requested that we consider them as an Ocean Leader. It was quite an easy decision once we took a look at there website. Reef Relief has been working in the Florida Keys for over 20 years trying to save reefs through educating the public on reef issues, implementing tools to reduce human impact on reefs, and help guide policy at a municipal and state level to protect the reefs of the Florida Keys. Below is an excerpt from Reef Relief’s profile:

We have studied the issues, identified solutions, and guided policy. A few of our past achievements include advanced wastewater treatment for the City of Key West, establishment of a boater No Discharge Zone for sewage in the Florida Keys, passage of a phosphate ban for laundry detergents, approval of bans on offshore oil drilling and exploration in South Florida, increased state standards for shallow injection wells, and a host of other actions. Reef Relief has been a watchdog for coral reefs.

SUFTB looks forward to working with Reef Relief to help spread their message about saving coral reefs in the Florida Keys and around the World. Please take a look at their site and help Reef Relief with their cause.

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