Whale Seaside Sanctuary Could Be Located In Nova Scotia, Canada

By February 6, 2019 Marine Mammals

The time of marine mammals in captivity is slowly dwindling. We are seeing people speak volumes with their wallets and actions as they deliberately leave out Sea World and other marine mammal entertainment facilities off of their family excursions thanks to the movie such as Blackfish and the decades of advocacy and science worked to show that marine mammal captivity is bad for their health.

Organizations are now searching for sites they call Whale Seaside sanctuaries as the future home for the retired marine mammals such as orcas, beluga whales, dolphins and more. The next Seaside sanctuary could be located in Nova Scotia according to Change for Animals Foundation. The organization and their partners are currently holding meetings in various towns along the Atlantic Shore.

The sanctuary could provide great economic benefits for the neighboring communities as it would bring jobs to the area as well as the purchase of tons of frozen fish.

This Whale Seaside Sanctuary is targeted for Beluga Whales.

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