Whale Shark as a Sustainable Fishery…

By February 13, 2012 Ocean News
Whale Shark Caught for Food

Whale Sharks in the News as Fish for Food

It seems as though whale sharks are in the news more and more lately, but not in a good way. More videos are popping up around the web of whale sharks being caught, “found dead”, and/or being fished for their fins.

Whale Shark Caught for Food

Whale sharks are targeted for their fins and meat but are slowly dwindling in numbers.

A recent story out of Pakistan said that a Whale Shark was found dead on the beach, which the local fishermen strung up for all to see.

My question is how many whale sharks are caught each year? Experts say, the number caught has decreased in India, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Let us know in the comments below!

Cousteau on Sustainable Ocean Fishery

Alexandra Cousteau was recently interviewed by Wendee Holtcamp, a marine conservation journalist, on how the public can make sure only sustainable fisheries are used.

Her answer: Stop eating the same dozen or so fish we keep eating (salmon, tuna, snapper, etc.) and open ourselves up to one of 700 different species available in the US (and possibly North America) that are safe and tasty to eat.

Seafood Watch Apps for iPhones and Androids

Speaking of Sustainable fisheries, have you downloaded the Seafood Watch app for the iPhone or Android. It’s a really handy app that empowers you with the right information to make sure you keep eating sustainably caught fish.

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