Whale Watching Company Saves Gray Whale

By April 14, 2012 Ocean News

8 Hour Gray Whale Rescue

A whale watching company helped free a juvenile Gray Whale that was entangled in a fishing net off the coast of Southern California. The group spent 8 hours trying to free the large whale from the net. As they were taking off the net from the fluke (tail of the whale), they found a sea lion, a shark, some squid, and some fish that died entangled in the net.

Check out a clip from the video as they free the Gray Whale:

I wanted to bring this story to your attention for 2 reasons:
1) The people spent 8 hours trying to free the whale. On top of the 8 hours, the group spent a number of hours the previous day attaching a buoy to the whale before it got too dark to find him. At one point, the buoys fell off the whale, but the team was able to find the whale through listening for it. This team spent 2 days trying to free a whale because they felt they had to help this whale…it was their duty; and,

2) The lead of the Team, Captain Dave Anderson (who also owns the whale watching company), makes his living taking people out to watch whales. I think this is important point because I often hear of the negative side of whale watchers being too aggressive around whales and getting too close to whales on their excursions. But this story seems to be the exact opposite and it’s not the first story that I heard about whale watching companies caring for the oceans. Now I am sure that there are many whale watching companies out there that aren’t good for whales, but as more stories like these come to the forefront it might change the way people view the whale watching industry.

Captain Dave Anderson and his team are true Ocea Leaders because they not only sacrificed their time to free this whale of the net, but they felt that they had to do something about it. So thank you Captain Dave for being a true inspiration to striving Ocean Leaders everywhere.

Question of the Day:
How do you view the whale watching industry: Too aggressive or a good Eco-tourism industry?

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  • Andrew Lewin says:

    blue ocean society in portsmouth, nh, usa, has been keeping track of trash sightings at sea as seen from whale watch boats. much of their data is plastics. I encourage anyone interested to contact them via their website. they also conduct regularly scheduled, well attended, beach cleanups. scott

    From Scott in the LinkedIn Group Marine Mammal Observation.

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  • J'ai fait partie des touristes qui sont montés dans un zodiac pour observer les baleines. La première fois, le zodiac était trop à poursuivre et qd on en voyait une, tous les zodiacs arrrivaient dessus et la baleine était vraiment génée. Une deuxième fois, un autre capitaine était en attente de voir la baleine, coupait son moteur, donnait une sorte de rendez-vous et n'approchait pas. C'était la baleine qui venait vers nous car elle semblait connaître ce capitaine. Il était très doux et les appelait "mon bébé". Il coupait sa radio pour que les autres ne viennent pas.
    Mon avis est que le tourisme peut permettre une prise de conscience mais que des dérives et des profits sont hélas toujours possibles.
    Il faudrait plus d'images positives sur des actions de sauvetage. Cela fait du bien de penser que certaines personnes sont vraiment passionnées par la sauvegarde des baleines, dauphins et requins. Cela fait trop mal de voir les massacres et les animaux qui meurent. C'est déjà très dur pour moi et cela met le moral à 0, alors pour des enfants qui ont des rêves et une certaine innocence, cela doit être monstrueux.
    Ce qui se passe aussi avec les requins doit être expliqué. Cette peur doit cesser. Elle alimente et cautionne tous les massacres.
    Les médias ont un rôle à jouer et les lieux d'enseignement. J'y crois et je pense que nous y arriverons.
    Merci pour l'action.

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