What inspires you about the Ocean?

By August 8, 2011 Ocean News

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I consider myself extremely lucky to go to work and swim in the Ocean every day.  When I meet new people I am always thrilled when the conversation includes this piece.

“You’re a marine biologist?!”  (Almost always followed by) “Cool, I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger!”

All these people are Ocean leaders in disguise, cleverly fronting as bankers, firefighters, waitstaff, teachers and artists.  The Ocean is a fascinating place with the ability to inspire and draw together people from all walks of life.  For most life changed over the years, new passions grew, and they ended up with careers where they wear real clothes to work.  But your love for the ocean doesn’t need to pay your rent in order for you to become a leader in conserving and protecting this place.  Reach out to your coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, and find out the once aspiring scientists, surfers, dolphin trainers, and beach combers in your life.  Encourage them and yourself to stay tuned to speakupforblue.com for ways to get informed and involved in local ocean conservation.

I want to hear from you Ocean Leaders!

What made you fall in love with the ocean? 

Did you: read a book about a nautical adventure, see a picture of a strange or fantastic sea creature, chase crabs along a coastline somewhere, smell salty air, or see Flipper and Shamu on tv?

Maybe it was standing on a surfboard for the first time, eating an especially delicious piece of seafood or getting pummeled by a crashing wave?

Are you still waiting for your first toes-in-the-water experience?

How did you first realize your passion for the ocean?

About the Author

Megan Cook is a graduate of Oregon State University with a B.Sc. in biology, chemistry and marine biology.  Her passion for exploration, working with great leaders, and fostering understanding of today’s changing oceans has carried Megan working all around the world.  She is inspired by the necessity of connecting the people with an understanding of their reliance and impact on the ocean.  Currently living in Hawaii, Megan works as a field biologist on an invasive species control team and is trying to learn to surf.

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