What Is Conservation?

By October 22, 2013 October 24th, 2013 Ocean Conservation Action
What is Conservation?

Speak Up For Blue is all about conservation of the Ocean. That is the focus of this site, pure and simple. While you are on this site you will learn all the different ways you can help conserve the Ocean, it’s species, and their habitats. But what is conservation? What does it really mean?

Conservation is…

The principal by which a parameter remains constant in a system which is not subject to external influence. Wow…that was a mouthful. I must apologize for my “sciency” talk…it comes out every once an while. Anyway, the statement means we want to ensure the Ocean stays the same (i.e. healthy) while not being influenced by human disturbances such as water pollution, fishing, oil and gas development, and indirect disturbances like human caused climate change.

It’s not easy to restore the Ocean back to it’s original state, in fact it might be impossible to do in some cases. Ocean issues can be very complex especially when they are tied into support human health and life by our need to depend on the Ocean’s natural resources. For example, fish provide 2.5 billion people with 20% or their average per capita animal protein intake. Feeding 2.5 billion people with fish is a tough task, which requires constant fishing.

So trying to conserve the Ocean by limiting the influence of human disturbance is not easy task; however, it’s very possible to accomplish. How?

What is Conservation?

Baby Steps for Conservation

If I make a mistake, I want to change it right away. For instance, when I was in my mid 20s, I spent money like it was growing on trees and I incurred some debt. I finally realized my frivolous ways were not going to get me anywhere in life so I wanted to pay off my debt as fast as possible. I quickly realized that I couldn’t afford to pay off that debt right away because I didn’t have the money. I needed to pay off my debt little by little and watch my debt slowly decrease as time went on. I just wanted to fix the problem right away, but I couldn’t and the only way I was going to be able to pay my debt off was to change my lifestyle so that I can afford to pay off my debt slowly. This story relates exactly to conserving the Oceans.

We need to make small changes to our lifestyle to ensure we conserve the Ocean. We have been living a frivolous lifestyle where we did whatever we wanted with the Ocean: We fished without quotas; we drilled and spilled harmful substances (oil, yeah, I mean oil…looking at you BP!); and, we developed along the coastline without worrying about how that would affect flooding. And now we know the consequences. But we have to change in order to reduce human influences on the Ocean.

Conservation Can Be Overwhelming

Just like I was wondering if my small payments would ever reduce my debt, I constantly wonder whether changes by individuals will make a difference in conserving our Oceans. But, it will make a difference given enough time. We are not going to fix each Ocean Issue overnight, but we can reduce our impact and see positive change in the health of the Ocean overtime. The change will require each and every one of us to make better choices for the Ocean. For instance, we can influence our impact on over fishing throughout the Oceans by ensuring we make the right choices when we buy seafood by choosing more sustainable seafood rather than seafood caught using unsustainable means.

How do you make the right choices?

That’s where SpeakUpForBlue.com comes into play. We are your #1 resource to protect the Ocean. We will take you through the process of Ocean Conservation so you will be informed to make daily choices that will conserve the Ocean. All of the content added to this site, whether it be as text, video, or audio (podcast coming soon!), you will be able to get make an educated decision to help the Ocean and you might even have fun in the process.

Remember, this is a website that is driven by a community of Ocean Leaders like yourself who want to make a difference. So I want to hear from you: What do you do around the house that you think conserves the Ocean?. Let us know in the comments below to share with the Ocean Leader Community.

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