SUFB 166: What We Learned From The Death Of Harambe

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What We Learned From The Death Of Harambe

It’s unfair that Harambe got shot because a 4 year old boy ended up in the Gorilla Pen and Harambe got a hold of him.

  1. Was he protecting the boy?
  2. Was he scared of the crowd and that is why he dragged the boy through the water trying to intimidate the crowd?
  3. Was was the boy allowed to get in the pen in the first place?
  4. Where were the parents?

Killing Harambe was a tragic event from a messed up situation. What people need to do is stop focusing on writing death threats to the mother (by the way, why aren’t people after the father too?) and focus their energy on learning about the species and how to better conserve them.

I detail the events lead up to getting Harambe shot and what questions we need to ask to better protect zoo animals and humans (mostly from ourselves). I also describe the reason why this Lowland Western Gorilla is considered critically endangered by the IUCN.


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