World Bank Forms Alliance To Rebuild the Ocean

By February 27, 2012 Ocean News
Global Alliance lead by the World Bank Plans to Rebuild the Ocean's Fish Stocks

The World Bank and many other partners announced last week that they are forming a Global Alliance to Save the Oceans from all the issues they face, especially over fishing and climate change.

Global Alliance lead by the World Bank Plans to Rebuild the Ocean's Fish Stocks

Global Alliance lead by the World Bank Plans to Rebuild the Ocean's Fish Stocks

The Global Alliance includes numerous partners including the World Bank, industry leaders, scientists, governments, and non-government organizations. The Alliance plans on raising over $1.5 billion dollars to rebuild the world’s fish stocks and stop climate change impacts.

Experts Skeptical

Experts like Dr. Sylvia Earle are a bit skeptic about this new Alliance stating that we should improve the efficiency and effectiveness on the current Global Alliance, The United Nations, before creating a new one.

I tend to agree with Sylvia on this one. Actions speak louder than words and although it is nice to see the World Bank finally admitting that there are problems with the Oceans, we need to remember that they contributed to some of the Ocean’s problems through investments in Damns, agriculture, and aquaculture that had severe impacts on the Oceans.

Economic Support Could Be Beneficial

On the other hand, the support of economic powers such as the World Bank and its partners might be the people we need to help us save the Ocean. Incorporating economics into Ocean Conservation is now considered a requirement as economics is the language in which many of the Ocean users such as Oil and Gas corporations, Tourism operators, Fishermen, and Recreational Users speak.

Traditionally, the Ocean Conservationists around the world have counted on the public having a moral obligation to protect the Ocean; however, it doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps adding a value for ecosystem services (fish, mining, oil and gas, and protection from erosion or flooding) might be the best way to approach Ocean Conservation in a world run my monetary values.

Do you think this new Global Alliance will make a difference?

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  • Ad Elsman says:

    I hope that with innitiatives like these people around the world are going to work together to get something done!

  • Jamie Pratt says:

    Well, nature is amazing, life wants to thrive…but, the best way for us to fix “problems” might be to stop interfering. Optimistic of this new alliance, but the Ocean is complex. To add to the matter, humans are complex! There are a myriad of issues contributing to the depletion and pollution of our oceans and the “problems” are only getting worse as people want MORE, and are able to get MORE, especially products from around the world! Not to mention, the human population in some areas is still on the rise. I would like to see the action plan. I mean, really now, if it was that easy, it would already be done. True though, money does help. However, that may actually be the first issue we need to solve. How is that irony for ya?

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