#YOSOYJAIRO – Protecting Marine Conservationists in the Face of Danger

#YoSoyJairo - The Goal To Protect Marine Conservationists In The Face Of Danger


Today, I am talking about something really special to me and the conservation community at large. The Jairo Mora Sandoval Bravery Award is given to a person who demonstrates bravery in the face of danger while conserving the Ocean. The award is named after Jairo, who was brutally murdered after trying to protect sea turtles from poachers. 

At the moment, the award is given to a recipient every two years at the International Marine Conservation Congress by the Society of Conservation Biology (SCB).

SCB Needs Your Help

SCB would like to increase the number of recipients that receive the award, so they are getting ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign that will help them support more than one person. 

Please consider taking a picture of yourself holding a sign saying “I AM JAIRO” in your LANGUAGE.

Here are the links where you could post the picture:

Twitter Campaign 

Facebook Campaign 

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