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Fun Facts & Fun Characters

This podcast is way better than it's apparently niche premise (Marine Science themed D&D) has any right to be. Like every actual play podcast/ show it takes a while to get rolling, but this group of ocean geeks have crafted a fun and dynamic group of characters. Following them on their adventures is an absolute joy. The science injected into the podcast deepens and colors the world, and helps to drive the story rather than dragging it down. Maybe best of all you can really tell this is made by a group of people who care and are having a great time. All in all a great podcast. I would recommend to anyone who likes D&D, the ocean, fantasy stories or all of the above!

Come for the D&D and marine bio, stay for the feels

The show's premise is pretty simple: a bunch of nerdy marine biologists playing Dungeons and Dragons, with the inevitable bits of marine science you'd expect thrown in. The D&D gameplay is solid, weaving storylines together, cracking jokes, talking their way out of tense situations, etc. The marine science takes it to the next level, and it's presented in an entertaining way that matters in the context of the story. It's a great way to sneakily educate yourself and have a great time doing it. All in all, it's an excellent game of D&D that has brought me to tears and made me laugh out loud. And on top of that I've been learning something along the way. It's a perfect combo.

Keeps getting better

The episodes alternate between chats between the scientists who play the characters (on their science, and everything from gaming, acting and the wildlife of Newfoundland) and game episodes. The characters and their relationships are really starting to develop. Looking forwards to how the adventure progresses

Fun and great to listen to

Really fun story acted out by Marine Biologists. Two types of nerdy!

Clever, smartly played and you might learn something

The (mis)adventures of a group of Marine Biologists playing D&D! These folks enjoy what they are doing, have a lot of fun at the table and sprinkle little bits of knowledge into the game. It's quite fun to listen to an educated group of folks play the game because you can hear subtle differences in their language and inferences that paint a very full picture (specifcally naming thetype of tree the ogre is peeing on or naming the biome and plantlike). These folks are just getting underway and they are doing so in grand style! If this is how we set sail then I cannot wait to see where we go.

Great setup!

I’m so excited to listen to the rest of this podcast! The premise behind it is exciting and can’t wait to see where the adventures will lead everyone!