July 19, 2020

Career and YouTube Advice with Wildlife Biologist Kristina Lynn

Career and YouTube Advice with Wildlife Biologist Kristina Lynn
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In today’s episode, I interview wildlife biologist and YouTuber Kristina Lynn on what it’s like to be a wildlife biologist and her success going viral on YouTube. She offers lots of great career tips and fun stories.  

Kristina has a degree in ecology, animal behavior, and evolution. Her research includes many projects on understanding and assessing the influence of human development on wildlife species. Some of her current and past study species include grey wolf, cougars, Canada lynx, grizzly bear, and black bear.

Her research experience spans from California to the Bolivian Amazon to up north in western Canada. She has worked for the state and federal government, and in animal sanctuaries.

Kristina is passionate about conservation and encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle on her YouTube channel. She has a lot of videos for advice on careers in wildlife biology and even shows you what a day in the life is like. 

Full show notes here with all of links to Kristina's YouTube and social media: https://stephanieschuttler.com/15-career-and-youtube-advice-with-wildlife-biologist-kristina-lynn/