Jan. 17, 2023

Thrive in Wildlife 2023 Career Challenge Day 2: Map

Thrive in Wildlife 2023 Career Challenge Day 2: Map

We officially kicked off day 1, Dream, of the Thrive in Wildlife Career Challenge yesterday and the energy I am getting from you guys is amazing. Thank you for being here.

I am excited to continue our journey together this week so let’s go!

Today we are wasting absolutely no time and are building your roadmap. You’ll take the dream job or jobs you thought of yesterday and use that as your North star. I’ll give you questions that you’ll answer and you’ll use those answers to start filling in your roadmap. 

If you missed Day 1 - that’s okay. You can catch up. This challenge will be up until January 27th. After that, I am taking it off of my podcast. To briefly recap, I had you go through a visualization exercise to bring you to your dream job. 

If you had trouble visualizing a dream job, that’s ok - keep going on to day 2. I give you instructions on how to work with this. 

When you are doing this challenge, be sure to save your answers from the exercises. I am giving away free scholarships to my Successful Wildlife Professional program and you will need those answers to enter. I will have a form for you to enter before next week.

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