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Omg so good

Ok I love this! I recommend it for people who like the ocean and also people who like to listen to other people being hilarious! But when I listened to the episode about if you made a movie about ocean problems I kinda wish there were sea turtles. Such a good podcast! Keep up the good work! 😃😃😃😃🐋🐋🐋🐋

5 Star! Future Episode Idea??

LOVE this podcast! This really helps me stay in tune with my passion of marine biology despite being a few hours from the ocean. Wondering if it would be possible to shed some light on sustainable, eco friendly ideas for people who want to travel/scuba/explore marine biology while doing so with a conservation cautious mind? I want to plan a few trips next year, but don’t want to be that ignorant tourist who says she loves marine biology but is harming it in the process of connecting with her passion. Any suggestions or tips for traveling would be greatly appreciated!


Very entertaining and fun. I am not a scientist but I love the environment and I want to know what is going on, what I can do to help, and Andrew, Smash and Cracken bring so much information to the table. Keep it up guys!


Informative and casual, perfect combo.

This podcast is for everyone!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now and the group of scientists have great conversation and each come with such an interesting perspective. I come from a non science background and let me say that this podcast is not just for scientists. I’m an ocean lover and learn so much every episode (including good beer recommendations). I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to learn more about the ocean from a great group of scientists!

Love it and an episode suggestion

Love this podcast! Listen to it at work all week. I have a suggestion for an episode idea. I’d love to hear practically the steps you’ve taken to reduce your carbon impact, plastic impact, and overall environmental impact. Products, lifestyle choices, actions, whatever it may be! Give us some ideas more than just carry a stainless steel straw :)

Good topics, poor audio

The background track you use is too loud and it sometimes drowns out the speakers, especially Andrew who sometimes mumbles or trails away...otherwise I really enjoy the topics you discuss and the different perspectives. Would like more guest speakers!

Conservation plus beer = Gold

I love this stuff! Andrew is a genius and a great voice for the ocean. Mix that with good friends and a few drinks and I’m all in. Thanks for making this show. -Clay from Fish Nerds.

Rum, science & saving the oceans.

Hilarious and informative. A bunch of marine conservation scientists talk about the latest news in marine conservation while drinking vast quantities of alcohol. Dolphins and daiquiris, turtles and tequila, margaritas and manatees, kegs and krakens. Good for any wildlife enthusiast, whale hugger, or even students or those in marine conservation (or who want to be).