April 24, 2021

MMS 84: Pioneer of Mediterranean Cetacean Research

Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to guest Dr. Giovanni Bearzi in a two-part interview about dolphin conservation in the Mediterranean Sea. In this first episode, they talk about the history of cetacean research in the Mediterranean. Giovanni Bearzi one of...

April 17, 2021

MMS 83: Women in STEM

In this week’s episode the guest is Dr. Mari Smultea, who tells her story about being a successful female entrepreneur in the field of marine mammal science and technology, and how she paved her way through a traditionally male-dominated field. Her...

April 10, 2021

MMS 82: Science and the International Whaling Commission

This week’s guest is Dr. Iain Staniland, who talks to Ashley Scarlett about his previous seal research before becoming the International Whaling Commission’s new Head of Science. They also talk about some of the IWC’s Scientific Committee...

April 03, 2021

MMS 81: The perils of pollution on marine mammals

In this week's episode, Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to Dr. Jean-Pierre Deforges about the accumulation of ocean pollution and the health effects they have on marine mammals. About Dr. Jean-Pierre Deforges: Jean-Pierre Desforges, Post-Doctorial Research...

March 27, 2021

MMS 80: Why energy budget models are cool

Guest Cara Gallagher teaches us about an agent-based energy budget model she developed for harbor to investigate in the vulnerability of their populations to underwater noise. Cara Gallagher an ecological modeller who is finishing up her PhD at...

March 20, 2021

MMS 79: Dolphins and porpoises of Hong Kong - unravelling their mysteries and understanding “Common Ground” conservation

This week’s episode is the last of 3 episodes with Dr. Thomas Jefferson. In this episode, Ashley and Tom talk about how his research on the Finless Porpoises came about and the ground-breaking research on the habitats and ranges of the cetacean...

March 13, 2021

MMS 78: Conservation of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin

This week’s episode is is the 2nd of 3 episodes with Dr Thomas Jefferson. In this episode  Ashley and Tom talk about Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and the importance of some ground-breaking research on this species.

March 06, 2021

MMS 77: The State Of The Vaquita In The Sea Of Cortez, Mexico

Dr. Ashley Scarlett welcomes Dr. Thomas A. Jefferson to the podcast to talk about marine mammals, especially dolphins and porpoises. In this episode, Tom talks about the state of the critically endangered porpoise, the Vaquita, that is endemic to the...

February 27, 2021

MMS 76: The health of the endangered southern resident orca population

Dr. Holly Fearnbach, speaks to Dr. Ashley Scarlett about “SR3”, which stands for SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation, and Research. This program studies the health of endangered southern resident killer whales and the decline in their prey. But, she...

February 20, 2021

MMS 75: Using satellite telemetry tags to examine foraging ecology and habitat use of sea lions

Dr. Michelle Lander talks about some of the highlights of her research using tags on pinnipeds, and about the difficulties of tracking animals that spend a large portion of their time underwater, in remote locations, in the ocean depths.

February 13, 2021

MMS 74: Whales and shipping traffic

Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to Dr. Luis Bedrinana-Romano about his team's new paper on priority areas for blue whale conservation and the overlap with vessel traffic. They also talk about how their paper went viral on social media thanks to an...

February 06, 2021

MMS 73: Mysterious manatees

This week Dr. Ashley Scarlett is joined by Dr. Beth Brady and Kristi Ashley Collum to talk about how intriguing sirenians (manatees and dugongs) can be; how much we don’t know about their biology; and, how much more we can learn from them. ...

January 30, 2021

MMS 72: Watching fur seals out at sea

Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to NOAA ecologist Carey Kuhn about her fascinating work on northern fur seal foraging ecology that integrates video cameras mounted on fur seals and prey mapping with unmanned surface vehicles (Saildrones). This technology...

January 23, 2021

MMS 71: Scotland’s Celebrity Whales of the Sea

Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to Lauren Hartny-Mills, about two much-loved, famous fins that visit the west coast of Scotland, Knobble the minke whale and John Coe the killer whale, and the key role citizen science has played in understanding the...

January 16, 2021

MMS 70: The Magic of Citizen Science and Education in Scotland

This week’s guest is Alison Lomax, the Director of the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust in Scotland. She talks about the various programs that they run, and how they built a case for a new Marine Protected Area in West Scotland.

January 09, 2021

MMS 69: Marine Mammals and Scotland

Dr. Chris Parsons is this week's guest - who long-time listeners will remember used to be the host of the Marine Mammal Science podcast. In this episode, Chris talks about his research, conservation, and education work on the West Coast of Scotland...

January 02, 2021

MMS 68: The conflict with fisheries and dolphins in Mexico

The conflict between fisheries and dolphins in Mexico On this week's episode, Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to marine mammal ecology and fisheries expert Dr. Eduardo Morteo about the challenges of his project in Mexico, on dolphin and human interaction....

December 26, 2020

MMS 67: Marine mammals in New York City

Kristi Ashley Collom is a Lead Researcher for Gotham Whale, Critter Spy with Atlas Obscura, Trip Leader for National Geographic, and one of the founding directors for the SMM Northeast Student Chapter. She collaborates with several passive acoustic...

December 19, 2020

MMS 67: Science from a dolphin’s point of view

Dr. Ari Friedlaender talks about how video-recording tags have revolutionized conducting research on the behavior of marine mammals. He also discusses how important the information gained from tagging studies can be, including how it provides...

December 12, 2020

MMS 66: Dolphin Brains And Their Intelligence

Dr. Ashley Scarlett is joined by Dr. Lori Marino to discuss the complexity of dolphin brains and their intelligence. Check out the Shows on the Speak Up For Blue Network: Marine Conservation Happy Hour Apple Podcasts: Spotify:  ConCiencia...

December 05, 2020

MMS 65: Pollution and Pink Dolphins

Our old MMS podcast host is back but on the other side of the interview. Dr. Chris Parsons talks about conducting his Ph.D. research on the famous Hong Kong pink dolphins and the pollution that threatens this population. Check out the Shows on the...

November 28, 2020

MMS 64: The Science behind Foraging research 101

This week’s guest is Dr. Tony Orr, whose work is on the change and differences with age, classes, diet, oxygen capacity, diving behaviors, movement patterns and distribution, nitrogen and carbon level differences between young versus older...

November 21, 2020

MMS 63: Whale watching tourism in La Gomera

Dr. Ashley Scarlett has a wide-ranging discussion with Fabien Ritter from the history of whale watching in La Gomera, to the organization M.E.E.R. Their discussion covers topics on sustainable whale-watching, ship strikes, and the International...

November 14, 2020

MMS 62: The effects of climate change on the Beaufort Sea beluga whale population

Dr. Emily Choy has studied the physiology of beluga whales in the Beaufort Sea, for many years. She’s been looking at the link between the whales’ physical condition and the variation of their prey, and how this is affected by the changes that are...