Ocean Science Radio

Ocean Science Radio

Ocean Science Radio is a joint project between Andrew Kornblatt, founder and host of the Online Ocean Symposium, and Naomi Frances Farabaugh of FIU.

Previous co-host was Samantha Wishnak, Digital Media Coordinator at Ocean Exploration Trust. The program will focus on and highlight the latest and greatest ocean science stories that the world has to offer.

Recent Episodes

Talk Like a Pirate Day is a Lie, and Other Piratey Things

Sept. 23, 2021

Frances and Andrew sit down with Dr. Jamie Goodall, military historian, expert on golden age piracy, and author of the book Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars. We learn about our misconce…

The Godzilla Shark and Sharkcon

Aug. 31, 2021

A familiar voice returns to the show, our former co-host shark scientist Vicky Vásquez comes at us with a live report from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. There she gets introduced to one of the best-preserved exam…

Saving Whales in the Digital Age

July 30, 2021

Every year off the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington, approximately 18 blue whales, 22 humpbacks, and 43 fin whales are hit and killed by ships. On the east coast of the United States, it is estimated that nearly …

July Minisode - Updates, Email, and Shark Awareness Day

July 15, 2021

Welcome to the miniepisode where we give you a few updates for the month! Got an idea for the podcast? Want to ask a question? Email us at OceanSciRadio@gmail.com.

Blue Nature Alliance and the Quest to Protect 7 Million Square Miles of the Ocean

June 24, 2021

The Blue Nature Alliance is a global partnership founded and led by Conservation International, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Global Environment Facility, Minderoo Foundation, and the Rob & Melani Walton Foundation. It is …

May Mini Episode - Updates, Email, and V.ECOP

May 28, 2021

Welcome to the miniepisode where we give you a few updates for the month!

National Science Foundation's Networked Blue Economy Ocean Accelerator

April 22, 2021

The NSF has launched an accelerator program - the Networked Blue Economy Convergence Accelerator, a $30 million grant program now open for team proposals. Teams with the best ideas receive an investment of up to $5.75M over…

Ocean Policy Under the Biden Administration and Why There is Room to Hope

March 25, 2021

We speak with ocean policy experts Miriam Goldstein and Jean Flemma about what the Biden administration has already put on the table for the ocean, what is coming down the pipeline, and how people can get involved.

Ocean Lovin 2021 - The Sex Lives of Nudibranchs

Feb. 25, 2021

This episode of our running series on reproduction in the sea we take a deep dive into the sex lives of the tiny charismatic creatures, nudibranchs. Come learn about "sex balls," detachable sexual organs, and sexual cannibal…

Ocean Lovin 2021 - Shipworms

Feb. 16, 2021

We speak with Dr. Reuben Shipway, a Research (Centre for Enzyme Innovation) and Teaching Fellow (Marine Biology) at the University of Portsmouth, and Adjunct Assistant Research Professor (Microbiology Department) at the Univ…

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